Royole Moon

The California start-up, however, has been around for quite a bit, designing products that enhance the way we interact digitally. The Moon is Royole’s exclusively-for-entertainment VR Headset that comes with a comfortable design that rests on your head, giving you a fully immersive audio-visual treat. Its unique design enables it to be folded down to occupy lesser space, allowing you to carry it around with you on flights, so you don’t need to rely on crummy in-flight entertainment, and to hotel rooms that have terrible cable services.Moon’s crystal clear imagery and active noise cancellation creates a truly immersive cinematic experience so whether you’re traveling on a plane, or in the privacy of your own home, you’ll feel like you are in the middle of the action.
Moon’s Advanced AMOLED displays create a virtual 800” giant curved screen experience delivering Full HD 1080p resolution, over 3000PPI (Pixels per inch), ultra-high contrast ratio, and blistering fast image response time.
Moon will auto detect and optimize your content for viewing in 2D and 3D. Royole Moon’s unique 3D algorithm provides an incredible stereoscopic 3D experience.
Watch your favorite online streaming services, YouTube videos, movies, or connect to a game console to play your latest video game. Moon uses HDMI and Wi-Fi®, and is compatible with popular video and audio formats.
The patented folding design and the internal 32GB of storage makes Moon truly mobile. Movies, videos, and images can be saved directly onto the Moon Box and when fully charged, can play your media for up to 5 hours.
Advanced optics allow most eye glass wearers to use Moon without their lenses; and Moon is packed with ergonomic features to avoid eye fatigue and dizziness and provide hours of wearing comfort.

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